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A welcome message from Konstantia Palla – ACC, ICF Managing Director

Welcome to Feel the FLOW – Greece! The Leading professional training company in Greece.

Feel the FLOW – Greece, is a unique center of professional training programs and coaching.

We provide Short Courses. In House Training Programs. Business & Life Coaching Training. Executive Coaching Training. Consulting. Coaching Sessions. Sociology.
We also provide Executive Training Programs.
We are committed to offer you top quality education and we are glad to welcome you at Feel the FLOW.

Meet our trainers


President ICF GREECE CHARTER CHAPTER. Business and Life Coach. Trainer and Public Speaker. Owner Feel the FLOW Greece.

Konstantia Palla is a Sociologist, Associate Certified Coach (ACC – International Coach Federation), Business, Life and Executive Coach, Trainer & Public Speaker.


Academic teacher and executive with rich international professional experience in marketing management, business development & brand management. Reach experience in training executives from all over the world in an online and offline environment through my collaboration with EU Business School, and City Unity College.

Research Connect 

Cofounder of a Consumer Insights & Marketing Intelligence platform bridging academic research to real business problems

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Gender and underrepresented minorities issues

It will train the ESRs (participants) on gender and minority issues in scientific research, identifying key factors that limit their involvement in science, teaching how to overcome this and how to organize inclusive public engagement events. The ESRs ( participants) will learn that a gender-inclusive and minority-inclusive approach maximizes the quality of scientific research, improving market penetration of scientific products.

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